By Ibrahim Mohammed Atikutse

Adabraka, ACCRA – 2018: The Ama Ata Aidoo Centre for Creative Writing on the campus of the African University College of Communications held over 70 literary reviews, educational and informative programmes, workshops and interactive open lectures in 2018.

The latter part of November raised the bar, as it turned its focus on Entrepreneurship Seminars, which aimed at engaging students and industry leaders. The seminar, which dwelled on the theme ‘bridging the gap’, hosted such key industry players as Mike Cooke, Kenneth Thompson, and Edmund Kofi Yeboah, Secretary General of the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA).

It was a four day seminar which ran sequentially, and thus engaged the aforementioned industry players on the 27th, 28th and 29th of November respectively, with Barclays Bank Ghana taking their turn on the 30th.

Day one of the seminar begun on a session with Mike Cooke, Chairman of 4syte TV. Undoubtedly, one of the gurus in the media industry, Mr. Cooke, gave account of his journey through the media system. He was the Chief Executive of the vibrant Accra-based radio station Vibe FM. from April, 1996 till June, 2013, and then CEO of Live FM. under the management of the EIB Network. Cooke urged students to prepare to embrace the good of what the future brings, in terms of dynamism in technology.

He cautioned students on the effect of being static and urged them to shy away from repeating what has been done over and over again.

The CEO of AirTech Teleco promised: “…very soon we[AirTech Telecom] will be providing a platform for you guys; where the youth can make use of free data…”.

On the 28th, Dalex Finance CEO of Kenneth Thompson focused on matters relating to business administration and finances. With years of experience in executive positions in Equity Funding, Financial Risk Management and Venture Funds Management, he walked students through the rudiments of basic financial strategies.

He encouraged students to go in for leadership roles as they progress in life and shared motivational anecdotes.

On 29th November, the Secretary General of the GJA Edmund Kofi Yeboah represented his boss, GJA President Roland Affail Monney. He stressed on the need to join the journalists’ association to champion the right to freedom of speech and expression.

He also encouraged students to take advantage of the experiences of the faculty.

“You are fortunate to have the likes of Nanabanyin Dadson lecturing you. If you talk of journalism, he is regarded high up there. He has mentored a number of people – and I have benefited from it as well. You have him teaching you: make use of him,” he said.

He then launched the first AUCC Chapter of the Ghana Journalist Association, and swore in its Interim Executive Members into office.

The session to bring the entrepreneurial week to a close was that which featured 40 senior staff of Barclays Bank of Ghana who engaged students on Entrepreneurship Skills and Financial Literacy. The bank is on the verge of rebranding as Absa Group Limited due to a merger.

The team took the students through some basic models in relation with business startups and management, staff communication, team work, and basic marketing skills. It also taught corporate and personal budgeting. Basic marketing skills, money management skills and book keeping were some of the topics discussed.

The week ended with a riotous performance by AUCC’s dopest rap sensation YoungChicky, who did his song ‘Money’ to the admiration and cheers from all.



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