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If you think that good horror stories can be scary only if they are long and detailed, you are probably wrong. The 20 following two-sentence scary tales prove that even short horror stories can give you goosebumps. So simple yet so scary, some of these short horror stories will make your mind race while you imagine the scene in your own mind.

For example, just imagine what you would think if the situation #11 happened to you. If you are home alone, or reading these in the middle of the night, prepare for some serious goosebumps.

Who said that a horror story should be lengthy and articulated to scare the hell out of you? The creators of these 20 creepy and short stories made of just two sentences, will make you envision a whole terrifying scenario by using just a few words. If this is not pure storytelling talent, I don’t know what is.

Enjoy these 20 short horror stories, I’ll go to turning the lights on in the meantime…





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