By Jhayson Obeng Qwadjo Boahene PHOTOS by Vanessa O. Vanderpuye

Last Thursday November 24, 2022, African University College of Communications (AUCC) held a book reading event for JSS students of Amusudai Junior Secondary School and Floating Crystals Academy at its forecourt in Adabraka, Accra.

The book reading was a part of various events held by the school in celebration of its second TABON festival of arts and culture. The reading session held the intention of promoting reading and showing students how fun reading can be.

The story picked to be read to the JSS students was Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang’s “Kweku Ananse and His Five Wives”. The reader for the session was Ellen Gyimah, a level 400 student of African University College of Communications. She read the story to 150 students gathered together at AUCC’s forecourt.

Ellen Gyimah

The story told of how Kweku Ananse, a poor farmer and his close friend and neighbor Odasanyi went out in search of wives. Kweku Ananse tricked his friend to switch places with him and earned himself five wives. Odasanyi got one wife and took her home. Kweku Ananse’s wives got to know he was poor and were not happy. Out of greed Kweku Ananse killed his neighbor Odasanyi and his wife, taking their riches for his own. Later Kweku Ananse’s crimes came to light and he paid for them.

In between the course of the story telling there were pauses and questions were raised to the audience. Questions of themes, unknown words and expectations of what was to come. All these students answered with various view points and listened with rapt attention. Ellen conveyed how impressed she was at the students’ attentiveness and their reactions to the story.

“The students listed themes they found in the story such as being content with what you have, knowing your friends well, and not paying evil for good. And they paid very close attention to the story,” Ellen said.

At the end of the reading session the students were encouraged to read more books and learn more words and life lessons. They were then served food and drinks before they left with enthusiastic smiles stretching their faces.


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