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Dear Patron,

I hope this message finds you well. The Ama Ata Aidoo Centre for Creative Writing, named in honor of the legendary author Ama Ata Aidoo, has been steadfast in its commitment to nurturing writers, fostering a literary community, and promoting the development of a national literature.

As we embark on our 2024 programs, we seek your valuable support to ensure the continued success and impact of the Ama Ata Aidoo Centre. Over the past years, we have achieved significant milestones, including the publication of four anthologies, the discovery of 70 new authors, engagement with five vibrant book clubs, and the promotion of literacy among over 5,000 junior high school students in neighboring schools.

2024 Program Highlights

  1. Anthology Reprinting as part of ‘Accra – Book Capital of the World’ programs (April 2024)

The reprinting of these anthologies aims to make these literary works more accessible to a wider audience in all 16 regions of the country, preserving and celebrating the rich tapestry of Ghanaian and West African storytelling.

  1. Publication of Afajato:Stories from around the Volta Lake (March 2024)

Building on the success of our previous anthologies, we are excited to announce the upcoming publication of the Centre’s fifth anthology: Afajato – Stories from around the Volta Lake. This collection will showcase diverse voices and perspectives from the Volta Region, contributing to the vibrant literary landscape of our nation.

  1. Signature Programs 

These programs bring renowned authors to Adabraka, Accra, fostering literary discussions, community engagement, and the development of emerging talents.

  1. Classes and Workshops 
  • Writing Clinic (September 2024)
  • Writers Studio (October 2024)

Our intimate and accessible writing classes and workshops provide aspiring writers with the opportunity to learn from acclaimed authors and faculty members, both in person and through online formats.

  1. Public/Street Recitals and Readings at Tabon Festival of Urban Arts and Culture (November 2024)

This one-day street festival on AUCC campus celebrates kasahari (street poetry), comedy, readings, street food, street art, and Ga music, promoting cultural appreciation and community unity.

  1. Global Outreach
  • Participation in Select Literary Festivals (Pa Gya 2024)

We aim to present notable authors we have unearthed at select literary festivals on the continent, ensuring that Ghanaian voices continue to contribute to the international literary conversation.

At Pa Gya, September 2019

Funding Request

The aforementioned programs will cost us 505,000 GhC to implement. To bring these ambitious programs to fruition, we kindly seek your financial support. Your contribution will directly impact the growth of our literary community, support emerging writers, and contribute to the cultural enrichment of our society.

Detailed budget breakdowns are available on request for your consideration. We are open to discussions and collaboration to tailor a partnership that aligns with your organization’s goals and values.

Your support will not only sustain the Ama Ata Aidoo Centre for Creative Writing but will also play a vital role in fostering a love for literature, creativity, and cultural expression in our community.

Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to the possibility of partnering with you on this meaningful endeavor. For further inquiries or to discuss this proposal in detail, please feel free to contact me directly at +233 54 202 5187.

Warm regards,

  • Nana S. Achampong, Director, Ama Ata Aidoo Centre for Creative Writing, African University College of Communications (AUCC)


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