Sel Kofiga: Born Robert Selinam-Gbemu in the Ashanti Akyem North, SEL KOFIGA is a talented visual artist and colorist who lives and works in Accra. He questions societal, cultural and religious indifferences through abstractionism and contemporary expressions. His monochromic visual imagery which address social abuse, gender inequality, sexism, sexual orientation, antipathy, illiberality and class struggle have received powerful reactions from the nation’s top artists and art enthusiasts.

Teresa Meka: Teresa Meka (b. 1990) is a self-taught documentary photographer based in Accra, Ghana. She works with both art and documentary photography. Her photographs are often humoristic, detail orientated and very personal. She was selected in February 2017 to partake in The World Press Photo Master Class.

Nadia Balogou: NADIA BALOGOU is a visual narrator that brings the ideas of self to life through mediums such as video, text, and images. She fuses her experiences in video production, marketing/PR, and social media to help create and curate visual content for individuals and brands alike. What she loves most is being able to connect with others and help them share their ideas and insight with the world through well-crafted and personalized content.

Serge Attukwei Clottey: SERGE ATTUKWEI CLOTTEY (b. 1985) is known for work that examines the powerful agency of everyday objects. Working across installation, performance, photography and sculpture, Clottey explores personal and political narratives rooted in histories of trade and migration. Based in Accra and working internationally, Clottey refers to his work as “Afrogallonism”, a concept that confronts the question of material culture through the utilization of yellow gallon containers. Cutting, drilling, stitching and melting found materials, Clottey’s sculptural installations are bold assemblages that act as a means of inquiry into the languages of form and abstraction.

Moh Awudu: MOHAMMED AWUDU’s work continues to inspire and project Ghanaiansociety’s values and ills. The artist in his 30s, the self-acclaimed graduate of Nima Street University, is by far the biggest art export of his community. Beyond the floors, walls and canvasses that Moh paints, brushes and spray cans these days caress to transform deftly and patiently the human body.

Elikplim Akorli: Literary Artist. Literature enthusiast. Spoken Wordsmith.

Ofoe Amegavie

At 26 years old, OFOE AMEGAVIE’s work has quickly gained an international audience with folks across the continent, Europe and North America, checking for his latest additions. Freedom is part of his aesthetic. He shoots in a state of unlimited inspiration, working with what currently intrigues him and avoiding what he finds repetitive and tired. Ofoe instantly knows what he does not like. This opens the portal towards a constant, adventurous search for what might break the mold.

Francis Kokoroko: FRANCIS KOKOROKO chooses to explore photography as a creative and as a journalist. His interest is keenest in documenting the ever-evolving everyday lives and cultures across the continent.


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